• Benefits of Awnings

    Rolashades’ retractable awning is designed for the overall protection of a porch, deck, terrace and patio at homes and restaurants. We use the highest quality materials, heavy-duty construction, clean neat lines, and a thoroughly wonderful smooth extension and retraction, making them easy to use and sturdy even in windy conditions

    Choose from our hand-cranked open or closed system, or the motorised system for convenience in extending your retractable awning effortlessly from inside or outside. The optional remote control and sun/wind sensors make our awnings convenient to operate

    RolaShades awning are:

    • Offers optimum protection from sunlight and UV rays
    • Easy to use and simple to install
    • Enhance your lifestyle and comfort in your outdoor space
    • Projection Size (Width)
      Up to 4 meter
    • Position
      Internal & external
    • Design Option
      Printing logo
    • Safety
      Fire resistant (Farbric)
    • Water repellency
      100 PAC
    • Types of patio
      Standard, window, cassette
    • Ultraviolet(UV) rays protection
    • Standard warranty
      2 Years limited on parts
    • Note: This information is subject to technical changes.

Different Type of Operate

  • Manual Hand Crank

    Personalised control of your awning.
  • Motorised

    Motorized retractable awnings powered by...

Colour Options

Choose from our wide variety of shades and textures to suit your preference.
  • Color
  • Color
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Types of patio awning

  • Standard Awning

    The fabric is exposed to the elements. Often placed under the overhang of a roof to prevent damage from environmental elements.
  • Cassette Awnings

    Composed of a standard awning encompassed by a cassette system to offer system protection. When closed the fabric rolls up into the cassette, which protects it from UV rays, humidity, and other environmental elements.
  • Window Awnings

    Typically mount to a glass façade or a fixed structure.