Solar Film Shades

  • Benefit of Solar Film Shades

    Glare caused by the sun can be a dangerous distraction in airport air traffic control towers and cruise. To minimise this, you need a clear and unobstructed view outside, which is essential for maintaining a safe operational environment. The sun can also cause heat to build up, which can make staff feel uncomfortable and even increase stress levels while causing fatigue

    A long-lasting, cost effective solution to this? Eliminate the glare and reflection by installing our special transparent anti-glare shades and heat rejecting roller screens

    Our highly specialised shade film reduces heat build-up from the sun by 67%. This reduces air-conditioning requirements, therefore saving more energy, saving more money, and creating a more comfortable working environment for operators to stay alert and focused. Glare and reflection is decreased by 91% for a clearer view of the airfield. This improves display screen readability, creates a safer working environment, and reduces eye strain and fatigue for air traffic controllers to have better control of both air and ground traffic and runway activity. True colour rendition is also maintained so navigation lights, tail markings, and other objects can be easily identified

    Our shades are also available in custom shapes and sizes to cover a varieity of windows, offering 100% coverage

    • Size (Width) x (Height)
      Up to 3.2 Meter x 1.8 meter
    • Position
      Internal Shades
    • Operation
      Motorised & Manual Spring Lift System
    • Design Option
      Various odd shapes
    • Film Coating
      Scratch resistance
    • Orientation
    • Solar reflection
    • Ultraviolet(UV) rays Transmittance
      0 - 1%
    • Solar Absorption
    • Warranty
      2 Years Limited on Parts

Type of Operating Options

  • Chain Lifting System

    A classic continuous chain loop system that allows you to manually control your shade.
  • Motorized

    Our shades can be ordered with either an AC or solar powered motorised system that helps lift and lower the shades with a single or five channel portable remote control or wall unit. This feature is ideal for operating shades on hard-to-reach windows as well as controlling multiple shades remotely, all with just one touch of a button. They can also be programmed to automatically open and close at specific times of the day and night.

Variety Window Shapes

All solutions provide 100% coverage of windows
    • Rectangle Shape


    • Invert Rectangle Shape

      Invert Rectangle

    • Right Side Taper Shape

      Right Side Taper

    • Left Side Taper Shape

      Left Side Taper

    • Equal Taper Shape

      Equal Taper

    • invert Equal Taper Shape

      Invert Equal Taper