Insect Screen

  • Benefit of Insect Screen

    With dengue on the rise, insect protection is just as important as sun protection. Our solar insect shade system is ideal to close in a patio area, and to seal windows and doors. These shades are dual function – they block the UV rays and seal out insects with an exclusive track system that literally seals you inside so that you are safe and comfortable on your patio at dusk.

    Our shades come in fabrics exclusively for insect protection that still provide minimal sun protection with high visibility.

    RolaShads insect screen are:

    • Enjoying fresh air and clear view through
    • Offers optimum protection from sunlight and UV rays
    • Blocks all types of unwanted insects
    • Also acts as an effective filter against dust, pollen, and other pollutants
    • Eco-friendly solution
    • Size (Width) x (height)
      Up to 4.5 meter x 2.8 meter
    • Position
      Internal or External Shades
    • Safety
      Child Safe
    • Insect Protection
      Tiny Bugs & Mosquito
    • Orientation
    • Mount
      Wall Fix (Outside mount) or Ceiling Fix (Inside Mount)
    • Ultraviolet(UV) Rays Protection
    • Warranty
      2 Years Limited on Parts

Different Type of Operate

  • Roller (Chain)

    A classic continuous chain loop system that allows you to manually control your shade.
  • Magnetic

    An easy-to-use system that snaps shut effectively with magnets.
  • Motorised with remote or switch control

    Our insect shades can be ordered with either an AC or solar powered motorised system that helps lift and lower the shades with a single or five channel portable remote control or wall unit. This feature is ideal for operating shades on hard-to-reach windows as well as controlling multiple shades remotely, all with just one touch of a button. They can also be programmed to automatically open and close at specific times of the day and night. The elimination of lift cords is also safer for children and pets.

Match Your Motif

  • Net Colour

    Choose from our wide variety of shades, textures and print finishing to suit your window treatment.
    • Black
    • Light grey
  • Frame

    Our insect screen come with a durable and attractive aluminum headbox and secured side track keeps the fabric complete stretched and in place, and seals out insects. Its function is both fabric protection and attractiveness. For new construction patio applications, a hidden shade with a "built-in" appearance may be desired..
    • White
    • Brown
    • Black