Logo Shades

  • Benefits of Logo Shades

    Imagine the possibilities of being able to improve your corporate identity. Or using custom graphics printed on roller shades as part of a design element in commercial applications. This is what our logo shades offer you, the ability to digitally print on shades so that you can effectively communicate your message through a high-quality product

    Printing can be done on the interior or exterior of the shade. Replacement shade panels are available for existing ones. Our high-quality digital printing is relatively low in cost but ensures lastability. Use them to enhance your commercial signange, solve glare issues while maximising advertising value, build and enhance your brand identity, attract attention, deliver specific business messages and details like store hours or exits, provide a visual message, and protect your interior and your inventory from fading without blocking the view

    RolaShades logo whades are:

    • Allows you to turn your corporate logo and messages into attractive, attention-grabbing roller shades
    • Offers exterior branding with interior shades comfort
    • Luxurious look with lively, sharp printing technique
    • Wide range of printing fabric to match color scheme back ground
    • Size (Width)
      Up to 4.5 meter
    • Size (Height)
      7 Meter above
    • Position
      Internal or External Shades
    • Safety
      Child safe
    • Design Option
      Arch, Bread Box, Angle Top, Triangle, Hexagon, Octagon, etc.
    • Dust resistant
    • Orientation
      Horizontal or Vertical
    • Mount
      Wall Fix (Outside mount) or Ceiling Fix (Inside Mount)
    • Ultraviolet(UV) rays protection
    • Warranty
      2 Years limited on parts

Different Type of Operate

  • Chain Lifting System

    A classic chain system that provides smooth operation and superior light control.
  • Motorized

    Our logo shades can be ordered with either an AC or solar powered motorised system that helps lift and lower the shades with a single or five channel portable remote control or wall unit. This feature is ideal for operating shades on hard-to-reach windows as well as controlling multiple shades remotely, all with just one touch of a button. They can also be programmed to automatically open and close at specific times of the day and night.

Colour Options

Choose from our wide variety of shades, textures and print finishing to suit your window treatment.
  • Linen
  • White
  • White Canary
  • White Turquoise

Match Your Motif

  • Frame

    Create a lasting impression with your customised cassette frame or pelmet cover. Play around with colour and design for a unique outcome.
  • Frameless

    Go for a minimalist feel with this option.
  • Multiple Opacity

    Create a multiple-opacity effect with the use of different materials and fabrics. Easy to control for the effect you desire. Transparent fabrics Donec ipsum diam, pretium mollis dapibus risus. Light Filtering fabrics Nullam dolor nibh pulvinar at interdum eget, suscipit id felis. Room Darkening fabrics Pellentesque est faucibus tincidunt risus.