Faux Wooden Blinds

  • Benefits of Faux Wood Blinds

    Faux wooden blinds add a timeless appeal with a texture-rich luster that instantly warms up any room for a stylish design. Our wooden blinds come in 2” or 2 ½” slat sizes in classic stains and finishes to match a variety of furnishings and wall colours. Add a wood valance, decorative tape or cornice to make your windows more attractive.

    Take advantage of our free in-home design consultation and let us show you what our natural or faux wooden blinds can do to enhance your home’s look and feel.

    RolaShades faux wood blinds are:

    • Cost effective
    • Easy to clean, durable
    • Moisture safe
    • Custom coverage for arched windows
    • Size (Width)
      Up to 2.4 Meter
    • Slat Sizes
      1 1/2" - 2”
    • Wood Design Type
      Faux wood
    • Operation type
      Manual or Motorised
    • Orientation
      Up til Down
    • Mount
      Wall Fix (Outside mount) or Ceiling Fix (Inside Mount)
    • Ultraviolet(UV) rays protection
    • Warranty
      1 Years limited on parts

Different Type of Operate

  • Corded Lifting System

    Faux wood blinds can be raised or lowered using lift cords and the slats can opened or closed using same cord control.
  • Motorized

    Our wooden blinds can be ordered with either an AC or solar powered motorised system that helps lift and lower the blinds with a single or five channel portable remote control or wall unit. This feature is ideal for operating blinds on hard-to-reach windows as well as controlling multiple blinds remotely, all with just one touch of a button.

Colour Options

Choose from our wide variety of shades and textures to suit your window treatment. Available in both authentic wood or wood finishing.
  • Painted White
  • Stained Natural
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Black

Match Your Motif

  • Ceiling Mount

    Wood Blinds can be mounted to the inside of the window frame at the top or sides, this is called an Inside Mount. Most people prefer an Inside Mount because it provides a customized, tailored look and leave decorative molding and window sills exposed.
  • Wall Mount

    Outside Mount is when a Wood Blind is mounted to the wall or molding surrounding the window. Outside Mount is ideal if there is not enough mounting depth for your Wood Blinds in the window frame. Other reasons to choose an Outside Mount include making a window appear larger, allowing the product to stack above or to the side in order to provide an unobstructed view or maximizing privacy by eliminating light gaps.

More Options and Upgrades

    • Wand Tilt or Cord Tilt Wood Blinds can be made with a traditional wand that tilts the slats or a cord tilt which closes the slats tighter on larger blinds.
    • Hold Down BracketsHold Down Brackets are used to secure the bottom of a Wood Blind when it is mounted to a door or used in a motor home.
    • Traditional ValanceThis larger valance makes for a bolder traditional look and is available with or without a fabric insert to match the decorative tapes on your Wood Blind or stands alone as an eye-catching accent.
    • Control SideThe controls to open/close, raise/lower your Wood Blind can be placed on the right or left side of the blind.